ski poles

Ultralight Handmade ski poles with wooden pear or walnut handles and World-cup

Carbon or reinforced Carbon/ Kevlar body. Fabric weight for a pair is 280 g / pair with Carbon body to 360 g / pair with Carbon/Kevlar body - with 120 cm length and 16 mm diameter of body. That's just 140g-180g for a piece. So light you feel them only when you need to use them. The length is adjustable. Telescopic body for ski touring is also available.

The prices varies from 120-180 € depending on used material.

All Full-Carbon skis are delivered with the ski bag. Ski bags come in two sizes,

the bigger one is made for ORKAN / PERUN model, the smaller one for FROST.

The price for the ski bag alone is 35 € without shipping costs.

ski bags

The price for the T-shirt without shipping costs is 18 €  or 22 € depending on the

used material. Some of the T-Shirts have also a girl's version.