We have devised a unique way to change the driving characteristics of skis by adjusting the shape of the tail.

The shape of the tail has a major impact on the ride. This is because it's active at the end of the arc where

the highest congestion and feel from ride runs through the entire body.

This way everyone can choose what he/she wants to get as a unique skiing experience.


We bring to the ski-world innovation with different tails of the same model.

Now we want to push the limits of the ski design. Our next challenge is the ski that we named LOTOR.

The ski with Hybrid Geometry. The main feature of LOTOR is a different lengths of effective edge on each side

of the skis. One edge is good for Freeride. Second is good for BackCountry.

Skis development is difficult and time-consuming process. It demands great deal of testing.

These are our  2. & 3. generation prototypes rides few years back.

Skis are tested/tuned in Freeride terrain directly by their engineers & friends.



After years of development, studying ski shapes and materials, after building

and testing many prototypes, we've finally found the precisely working Freeride ski.

The Freeride machines, which will take you everywhere you want. Or dare.


These skis were tested on all types of snow and by every skier we know. Charging steep mountains on powder,

firn or hardpack or cruising through the forest – they can do it all. They are your best buddy for every day.

Even skiers who do not prefer wide skis, found them outstanding in various conditions. Of course, they are mainly designed for what we all want most – wild powder surfing.


Thanks to the big torsional stiffness and 19m / 21m / 26m and stabilization radius-es in our Freeride range, you can enjoy the ride

like you would ski real GS skis. Furthermore, in deep snow, their wide tip and long, precisely-designed rocker,

takes you to a float on powder and gives you a feeling of flying.


The Unique sandwich structure designed by laminate specialist unites durability and superior riding performance.

The structure includes a tip-to-tail Ash / Aspen wood core combined with aerospace fibers such as Carbon, Kevlar Aramid and Dyneema®. The skis were designed with development techniques from the aviation industry

and verified through hundreds of hours of riding in many ski resorts. Hardest 48 Rockwell edges

and the Graphite Racing Base complete the ingenious design.