High-tech design plays a big role in ski building.

We have created a system of strings and shock absorbers so skis can work aggressively, but at the same time to be predictable.

This is accomplished by precise mathematical combinations of Carbon-fiber, Kevlar and Dyneema® fibers.


We use professional moulds, as a guarantee that the exact calculated geometry we use in shapes has

always the intended result. No changes in radius-es, no unexpected deviations.


What is the main advantage of manufacture aside from personal supervision over the each product?

You don't need a year to adjust the prototypes, you can do this virtually with every product you release.

This way the more skis we can make, the more perfected they become.


The shape of the skis has undergone a complicated development, where we tried to deviate from the current trends of skis with the high tapered tip and the wedge tail that falls under the snow. Easy to ride, but do not supply any support for the rider and the skis are unbalanced. We developed the skis with wider tail, but thanks to the stabilizing radius, they switch easily from carving into a gliding turn and vice versa. This allows absolute control over the speed and direction.

Speed is also provided by the racing base.