freeride ● backcountry

 Advanced / Expert



116 mm

r 21 m @191 cm / r 19 m @183 cm

Twin-Tip / 191 cm & 183 cm is the standard designed for playful ride. With mounting point more forward, the ski is balanced and longer tail is stable. Riders appreciate Twin-Tip for BC riding, rotations and switch riding. If you are a new school rider looking for something  special this is a choice for you.

Fin tail / 191 cm & 183 cm provides speed and stability.

It is stable and supportive in landings. Cut-outs on the sides of the tail allow the snow to glide down from the tail without making the snow spray.

The ride is faster and ski is balanced. This would be your choice if you like Freeride with some tricks as well.

Alpine / 188 cm & 180 cm is the tail designed for Freeride touring. Ski with this type of tail is turning faster and thanks to the shorter tail, you have more classic feeling on the ski. Cut-out is good for hooking the skins and the tail will nicely support you in landings.

Swallowtail / 186 cm & 178 cm is the most special and also the shortest Freeride tail. With this tail you can easily change the length of your turns. Thanks to this design tail is really light so you can turn the ski on the spot. The pressure of the snow congested under the ski comes out through it. This increase the speed of the ski. The Swallow tail is the best choice for ex-racers.

Telemark tails 191 cm & 183 cm are by the look radical but highly functional. They work on a basis of two slightly different lengths of the skis. You have a longer ski for the outside edge and a shorter ski for the inside edge in a turn. The pressure is distributed evenly along the ski. Skis are more manageable and stable. We highly recommend this type of tail to all telemark skiers.





Kevlar Aramid





5-Layer Carbon Structure






& Flexibility


Ecological Resin


materials & features

 Exactly Calculated Geometry – incredible floating in pow and race carve turns on hardpack

 Symbiosis of shape, design and construction breathes life into the ski

 Anisotropic Carbon Structure for precise edge feeling along the whole ski length, while keeping the right torsional stiffness

 Pure Wooden Topsheet from different wood types as ash, walnut, and cherry or something special of your choice. Pictures with wooden structure are only illustrative, wood provides always different results. Each pair is unique, there are no identical pairs.

 Kevlar Fibers for vibration dampening

 Dyneema® for ski and core protection against sharp rocks

 Glass Fibers for prolonged lifespan and smoothness

 Ash/Aspen wood core for lightness and flexibility, with extra binding reinforcement

 ABS Sidewalls for durability and shock resistance

 Enforced Snowboard 48 Rockwell Edges + rubber for resistance

 Graphite Race Base for speed

 100% exactly marked center point by Dyneema fiber pressed to ski topsheet straight from the mould

 Signature cut-outs through wooden surface to reveal Carbon Structure

Skis are build with Super Sap Epoxy Ecological resin from Entropy Resins

Prolonged 3-year Warranty Program against manufacturer

defects and workmanship.Skis are delivered with the bag.

Seasonal price 1190 € / Pre-order price 1090 €


Perun, pure Freeride ski, our flagship beauty. Your support in any snow conditions. Thanks to exactly calculated geometry combining two radius-es it's easy to switch between carving and gliding turns. 520 mm of rocker pulls the ski always on the top of the powder. Stiffer tail is excellent for drop landings. Ski reacts very naturally and with its lightweight construction it’s a good choice also for touring. Full Carbon, Kevlar, Dyneema® construction working together like springs and absorbers. Camber keeps all fibers active. Unique combination makes the skis aggressive, but predictable.

Technical Specifications

Length (Fintail & TwinTip)            Length (Alpin)           Length (Swallowtail)           Radius

191 cm

188 cm

186 cm

21 m

183 cm

180 cm

178 cm

19 m

Tip (mm)           Waist           Tail           Tip rocker           Tail rocker           Effective edge           Weight (TwinTip)






153 cm







145 cm