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‟ I like to ride fast and aggressively. That's why I like PERUN, even at high speeds and proper pressure, the skis hold the trace beautifully and are stable. A high-quality graphite base allows fast start on jumps and smooth impacts, also in the wet spring snow. When riding through moguls, skis copy them well and they can be traversed by long open arcs. At 116mm width they float nicely in powder. Thanks to their high torsional stiffness, it is possible to cut a beautiful arc on the hard snow. They are just ideal skis for most Freeride conditions. Even with a length of 191 cm they are agile and playful. I've already tried them in a 2.5 meter narrow couloir using jumping arcs. ‟

Favourite Mountain

High Tatras,



PERUN Freeride Long

191cm / Fin tail

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Extreme Skier  •  Ski-touring  •  Mountaineering  •  Para-gliding  •  Slackline

Fero grew up under Malá Fatra range, in the place where his love for mountains and skiing was born. As his addiction was growing he started to look for new and more challenging places to ski. Nízke, Západné and Vysoké Tatry offered him a great variety of couloirs and many great adventures. He likes to travel as well, of course with skis. On his travels he was skiing in Alps and Kaukaz. He always looks forward to sending bigger jumps and steeper couloirs faster as well as to ski some clearings and forests with friends.

For next seasons he is thinking about trying some competitions of FWQ and discovering mountains on other continents. But most importantly, as all seasons till now, to stay as much time as possible in mountains with good friends. During the months without snow he also enjoys cycling, climbing, kiting, slacklining and paragliding.