knut skinnes • norway

‟ I chose my Forest Skis because of their design and the looks. I would not change them for anything because of their abilities on snow. They have surprised me several times, how well they turn Telemark turns in deep snow, how good they respond doing carving turns on the morning slopes. Telemark skiing is the origin of modern skiing, of course they used wooden skis. These skis compliment the Telemark history, combining tradition and modern technologies. If Sondre Norheim lived today, these are the skis he would ride. I am not sure what makes the difference, but the way I can turn with these skis is amazing and I think the TeleTail can have credit for that fact.‟

Favourite Mountain

The Lyngen Alps

North Norway


PERUN Freeride Long

191cm / Telemark Tail

Home Resort



Freerider  •  Telemark skier  •  Polar expeditioner

Knut is a versatile winter sport performer, passionate skier, nature enthusiast and trail runner.

He is seen as one of Norway's forthcoming Telemark skiers. Big mountain and forest skiing as well. He is also a climate politician, with the goal that our grandchildren also will have the ability to ski. Preparing for the expedition to the South Pole, which he wants to reach alone on the skis.

Loves to be in the mountains, hunting and fishing.