lucas zielinski • fRance

‟ PERUN, for me a sensation never known before. A ski completely tailor-made to such an extent that one no longer feels them on their feet! Agility, lightness and aggressiveness allow to pass in any type of terrain, the tip absorbs all the imperfections of the slope and the stiffness in tail brings a surprising stability in landings and speeding. Versatile ski, perfect for the freeride competitions and the big powder sessions. Difficult to find the limits! ‟

Favourite Mountain




PERUN Freeride Long

191cm / TwinTip

LOTOR 187 cm hybrid geometry

Home Resort

 Les Arcs


Freeride Skier  •  Snowboarder  •  Surfer

I am originally from the Pyrenees and after a few years of skiing in my childhood,

the passion for white gold arose during the end of my environmental studies. The passion for the waves of the south-west coast appeared at the same time. After brief reflection became obvious why I started the training to become a ski instructor in the Alps at Les Arcs.

With the start of my 4th real ski season, I  have currently several goals including competitions in the FWQ, big powder trips with my friends and also to capture all those epic moments on photo and video.

I hope to be able to ride every day, all the time!

‟ And "LOTOR"? Or rather "skis of Future"?

In any case, it is my everyday pair. And I do not hide that I have a little favor for the side Freeride! You can shoot big straight lines in crude terain, take the angle on piste, stay on the surface in big powder and all that with 105 mm and 18m radius.

With this end of season and its spring snow that sticks, the BC side fits perfectly. Players to the end,

we are looking for the slightest opportunity to sneak into the woods and slalom between the firs!

For the freestyle enthusiasts, I do not even imagine the possibilities ...‟