martin labuda • canada

‟ What I like about PERUN skis, is that they are fast and aggressive. Thats how I like to ski. They are stable while going fast, but can also be nimble whenever needed, especially with the swallow tail finish. They rip through the crud, but are smooth as butter in the powder. ‟

Favourite Mountain

Jumbo Pass Cabin,

British Columbia

Home Resort

Panorama Mountain Resort British Columbia


PERUN Freeride Long

186cm / Swallowtail

LOTOR 187 cm hybrid geometry

Freeride skiing  •  Skitouring  •  Invermere, British Columbia, Canada

Martin has learnt how to ski in his hometown in Slovakia, called Mlynky. He got into alpine race skiing, where he picked up his technique, but he always enjoyed the off piste skiing more. It didn't take long for him to fall in love with skiing untracked terrain and exploring outside the boundaries. However, it was only after he moved to British Columbia, when he realized skiing was his true passion. This year is going to be his 5th winter in BC. He works as an Avalanche technician in Panorama Mountain Resort, BC, Canada. Finishing among the top 10 skiers in North America in the Freeride World Qualifier 2016 rankings and  also overall top 15 in FWQ this season, Martin is excited to compete with some of the best Freeride skiers again and push his limits further. When he does not compete or doesn't work, you can find him backcountry ski-touring in the mountains of British Columbia. Martin spends his summers fighting forest wildfires in British Columbia. He enjoys it because it keeps him fit, it is a great adventure, and it pays for his winter travels. When he does not fight the fires, he loves to go the mountains to bike, hike, trail run and climb.