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Standard choice: 3 topsheets for fullcarbon models.

Custom topsheet is charged separately.

Oak veneer is available is  LOTOR skis and Ash veneer for DRUID skis.

Wood texture is organic, it has always a bit different outcome.








special demands

In case of special orders, please write your demands such as: ash woodcore, stiffness, profile such as full rocker, full camber or specific print, topsheet layer or shape of the tail here below.


The final price of the skis may vary based on these requirements and depending on their complexity.

Light-weight construction*

LOTOR / DRUID fullcarbon


Women version

Custom design price list

Every change is charged separately.

*Pawlonia/Aspen woodcore + pure carbon, circa -600g for a pair.

**LOTOR / DRUID fullcarbon, circa -300g for a pair, more agressive.


Fullcarbon ski models are automatically including skibag. Skibag alone or for other skis is 40 €. Price for binding depends on model.


In set with skis we offer recommended bindings from our partner brands: Fritschi Bindings and Tyrolia Bindings.

Ski bag

Skins for ski touring cut-out for various ski models. Contour Hybrid 70% moh-air. The price for all in one skins is 170 €. In ski set 135 €.

Trimmed skins

skins with ordered ski model or other.

standard price

Standard price for Fullcarbon models is including a choice from 3 different wooden topsheets, a choice of divers tails and also

a skibag is included. LOTOR/DRUID/VESNA/SKADI has standardly just one topsheet and a skibag is charged separately.

Shipping in EU costs 30 € and is charged separately.

1260 €  PERUN • 1260 €  FROST • 1360 €  ORKAN • 890 €  LOTOR • 890 €  DRUID • 750 €  VESNA • 750 €  SKADI

Season price valid from 1.10.

1150 €  PERUN • 1150 €  FROST • 1250 €  ORKAN • 850 € LOTOR • 850 €  DRUID • 690 €  VESNA • 690 €  SKADI

Pre-order price for skis ordered until 15.9.2019.

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Terms and Conditions: The order of custom goods becomes valid and obligatory only after sending a deposit of 500 €  invoiced  by our company and is credited to Forest Skis bank account. The rest of the whole amount must be paid before the skis delivery. In case of already produced goods not taken by the customer, the deposit is forfeited in favor of the Forest Skis account and the rest of the payment is charged. In case of non-delivery of the skis, Forest Skis is obliged to return the total paid amount. All the information in Order Form has to be filled in correctly! The first part of the invoice will be sent to you after the receipt of the filled-in Order Form.


The date of all made on order skis delivery is stated for either personal hand-over or courier service – from 30.10.2019 within to 4-8 weeks after the total payment for the goods within the European countries – not the case when goods are taken personally. In case the ordered goods are in stock, shipment is made immediately. Delivery for pre-orders is from 15.11.2019. A ski bag is included with fullcarbon skis. You can find complete General Terms and Condition here.


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For each ski model a separate pre-order has to be filled.

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