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our team & story

The man behind the original idea and development. "I created this project with joy and the desire to make something special and unique. It is incredibly rewarding to see that it's a product allowing people

to explore new frontiers, horizons and experiences.”

Responsible for overall look of the company in design, photography and film. Academy of Fine Arts-educated graphic designer, but works mostly in the film industry as a cinema feature film colorist. Also avid skier and angel investor.

Studied at the Technical University

of Munich with a major specialization in carbon composites and

ergonomics. 2013-2015 was the chief designer and technical leader in the TUfast Eco Team at TUM.

He is a passionate freeskier and he spends most of the season

in the Alps.

Technical support and manufacture Lukáš Schröder, Filip Cejp and others from Board Technology.

Ondrej Jób a letterist, designed the font for Forest Skis logotype. Local support by Marian Ligda, Roman Dubský,

Michal Plichta and Braňo Molnár and more.


We are two brothers from Slovakia, we both recently graduated from engineering studies.

Viktor at VUT Brno, Czech Republic and Jakub at TUM Munich, Germany.


We are both avid Freeskiers, we ride the steepest slopes in offpiste terrain

with the style that is often incompatible with common sense. We do ski a lot and we destroyed many skis before we started our own brand. We had the know-how and the ideas for improvements so we have decided to make skis that would lead us further.


Jakub was devoted to the study of Composite materials such as carbon, glass and kevlar fibers, resins, processing, strength calculations and Ergonomics in the automotive industry. He was a technical leader of the University team that worked on the development of ecological car eLi15, which has won Shell Eco – Marathon in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the most prestigious competition in the sector. With this background, the high-tech materials we use can compete with world leaders.


Viktor studied Energetics and Technical of environment. He is engaged mainly in the development in Forest Skis' progressive

shapes, wood cores, processing, adjustment of production and quality control. He is also responsible for the overall organization

and team management.