david sedlák
czech republic

Photo by Vlado Papala, 3limits.sk, Jasná, SK

‟ PERUN are perfect for their lightness. They are long and stable skis for bigmountain riding, but thanks to their low weight they are great for touring and with twin-tip for freestyle / backcountry. You can rely on them at great speed but at the same time they are still playful and nimble in riding in the woods and in the park. Width is an ideal compromise for all types of conditions, they also look beautiful and can withstand rough handling. ‟

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PERUN Freeride Long

191cm / TwinTip

Freeride Skier  •  Skitouring

David enjoys speed, dropping big cliffs and going upside down. He likes laid-back riding with a group of friends as well as lonely days in the mountains, both in ski resorts and the backcountry. He stays happy regardless of conditions as long as there are skis on his feet and some snow on the ground.