jiří zelinka czech republic

Photo by Tomáš Zelinka, Bormio, IT

‟ Skis float beautifully above the snow surface without too much pressure from rider's end. Whether the snow is really fresh pow or lightly hammered by the wind, tip of the skis remain above the surface. There is no need for an aggressive stance with low center of gravity and I always save lots of energy in my legs for another lines in the day. In a direct landing on a rock from approximately 3m drop, I thought I had a hole inside the wooden ski core. Only small piece of a graphite base went out and I could recognize a few scratches on the core protection. This assured me that Dyneema® performs its function in a perfect way.‟

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Czech republic

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PERUN Freeride Long

191cm / TwinTip

Freeride Skier

Jiří was born at the Beskydy mountain range, Czech republic. Proud to be a Powderline.cz crew member and a passionate skier, still looks for new places to ski powder.