kévin maRtinol france

Photo by ©Tom Bouyer

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Chartreuse Chain


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Les 7 Laux



LOTOR 187 cm

hybrid geometry

Backcountry Skier  •  Bike Rider  •  Skateboarder  •  Surfer

Kevin lives in Grenoble and works in a a big toy shop but his favorite toys are his skis.

Kevin drinks tea and beers. He eats quinoa and junk food. He listens to reggae music and doesn't smoke. He likes dogs, art and football. He's a real mountain lovers and tries to go on every summit of Chartreuse Chain, where he grew up and discovered the pleasure of snow. He loves nature and adventure and he is always ready for goes up. Using natural features to go as high and as fast as possible are his vision and his way of skiing.

Kévin lives in mountains, mountains lives in Kévin.