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‟ I have chosen LOTOR, because for me this is the most versatile ski I have ever used. It is the exact ski I need. And this is why it's my everyday ski. ‟


Where the snow

is fresh


LOTOR 187 cm

hybrid geometry


Les 7 laux


Backcountry Skier  •  Bike Rider  •  Skateboarder  •  Surfer

Pierre grew up in the ski industry and thanks to his parents, he has stood on skis from an early age. Only later he had discovered the real ski joy which made skiing his life priority. Pierre is a Business Athlete School student who lives with his Girlfriend and his Rabbit. Now he’s living the life he always wanted to live from a young age.

Skis all winter and studies the rest of the year.


For him skiing is not only a sport, it’s one of his ways to escape, have fun, see friends, jump everywhere. He has a typical skiing style, jumps every stuff he can jump and loves long runs with tricks. His project for the coming Season is to shoot more videos and photos. He wants to make more images than competitions. But he will also take part of some events during the Season. He is just a normal guy who loves simple life and skiing all day.