Roman duBský • slovakia

‟ I like all Forest models, every ski is for different conditions, different types of riding and also for different types of riders. From technical and even visual side they a unique top for me! So, I prefer ORKAN – for my height and riding style, 2m long ski specially stiffened, allows me to ride Freeride in a wide spectrum of terrain, at high speeds, also support in big drops and deep or hard snow! Aggressive top pro-Freeride ski. For me it's still indestructible and I use it for speedride as well!


FROST – I prefer them mainly on the slope and in the light terrain, light ski with perfect geometry and radius, allows dynamic rides and holds you well! Even for less experienced riders, a funky ski.


LOTOR – a novelty that I like, the stiffness, the geometry and the double purpose allows backcountry skiing, as well as the more popular touring in smaller and more difficult couloirs. The ski you keep in every terrain, whether it is pow or hard snow, extreme couloir or a big meadow! Agile and light, really versatile ski. I also use it on a speedfly or ski base.


My satisfaction with Forest skis is at the highest level for their technical performance, appearance as well as riding characteristics. Service, support and humane approach to clients and riders is priceless. ‟

Favourite Mountain

Lomnické sedlo

High Tatra, SK


ORKAN PRO BigMountain

198cm / Fin

Home Resort


Low Tatra, SK

Pro Skydiver  •  Basejumper  •  Speedrider  •  Freeskier

Focused on parachuting since 2000, he is instructor of parashuting with several qualifications. Reserve parachute packer, AFF Instructor, Tandem pilot, fly camera, freefly, wingsuit coach, canopy piloting coach, ski instructor. Finished university education as aeronautical technician and University of Žilina – aviation, aerospace engineer.


He has over 7000 jumps on his account, operates in the Slovak national team and he is 4 times National champion of canopy piloting. He has also many international achievements, including 2nd place at Basejump World Cup, 1st place Canopy Piloting accuracy Europe Cup, 3rd place at World Cup for Paraski accuracy, distance CP – 8th place Int. Parachuting Champ,

3th place Canopy Piloting World Championship, Dubai.

Worldwide placed in the top 10. World Games in Colombia in 2013 –10th.

World Cup and European Championships canopy piloting 2nd place.

SPDH (Slovak Cup in downhill) 1st Masters Jasná. Vice Champion of Slovakia to 81 kg Muay-thai.

FWQ Freeride Jasná Adrenalin – 6th place 2013.


Basejumping  •  Canopy Piloting  •  DH-ride  •  SpeedRide  •  Climbing  •  Freeride  •  Paragliding  •  MX-ride.


"You only live once so just go fucking nuts!"