marián tréger canada

‟ I've always liked and inclined to things that are marked by the slogan in simplicity is beauty! For FOREST skis, it's true literally and even more, skis are of superior quality and excellent riding performance. I personally currently ride PERUN Fin tail 183 and these skis support me everywhere. They are super playful in powder and the trees. Even with the 116mm  a carving arc can be quite nicely cut off on the ski slopes.‟

Home Resort


British Columbia, CANADA

Favourite Mountain


British Columbia, CANADA


PERUN Freeride Short

183cm / Fin tail

Freeride Skier  •  Former Alpine FIS racer  •  Trail Runner  •  CX Mountain biker

Skiing has become my passion from an early age and I have been skiing over 25 years now. As an Alpine ski racer in U14

I get B national team and stayed competing on the FIS level until I started studies at the University. I did my level 1 Ski instructor a few years ago and later my level 2. I've spent couple years as a kids' coach at the ski club in Bratislava, Slovakia. When I had a chance to go to Canada and work there, I took it. I fell in love with Whistler in British Columbia and found in this place my new home. I became a Ski instructor in the biggest ski resort in the North America. And over the years, as now it's going to be my 4th season here,

 I reached another qualification as CSCF2 Canadian ski coach level 2 and CSIA3 Canadian Ski instructor level 3.

I was getting more into the Freeride skiing and also backcountry touring during the last years in one of the best places for it.

I love adventure, exploring and discovering news places and adrenalin sports. Active life totally fills me and makes my life interesting and spicy.