135/105/128  r 18 m @187 cm / r 17 m @178 cm

lotoR hybRid ● backcountry / fReeRide

Intermediate / Advanced

backcountry edge

Oak Veneer

Carbon Stripes

Kevlar Stripes



 fReeRide edge

350 mm Tip Rocker


300 mm Tail Rocker


Twin-Tip / 187 cm / 178 cm / 172 cm – marked mounting point is -8 cm from the center of the ski.

This mounting point marks the most narrow point of the ski and it suits to skiers

who prefer more aggressive riding and stable skis.

You can mount the skis 2 cm forward to the mounting point to -6 cm for more playful riding and more agility. If you are a newschool rider, this may be the option for you.


However, remember, with simple left & right switch, you have still 2 different edges and 2 different skis on the slope with you in just 1 pair of skis. Skis ride with both mounting points smoothly and in parallel. Freeride and Backcountry edge is fully functional. It will bring you the joy you are looking for on the slope. LOTOR has standardly no option for topsheet or design, there is just oak veneer.


Already available for Winter 2017/18.

Optional alpin tail 183 cm / 174 cm for ski touring is made just on special orders, charged separately.


The revolution in asymmetric skis designed for every day and every condition. There is a Freeride and a Backcountry side of the ski, each one brings different riding style. Freeride side has a longer effective edge on the tip. It’s better for aggressive riding and steep descents. Backcountry side is more centered with longer edge on the tail and it makes the skis more playful and perfect for cruising. Tip and tail rocker ensures enough flotation on powder days, whether you are riding forward or on switch. Thanks to 105 mm underfoot you can enjoy powder and BC, but still it’s not too wide for riding on the pistes, hardpack or moguls. From now on, all you need is one LOTOR, because with a simple left and right switch you have two different skis in one.

piste leisure short turn agility
powder expert long turn high speed
materials & features

 Asymmetric Geometry – revolution in ski shapes

 Backcountry & Freeride you have two types of the skis in one pair

 Carbon Stripes pop, fast reactions

 Kevlar Stripes vibration dampening and large bend resistant

 Glass Fibers prolonged lifespan and torsional stiffness

 Sintered Base durability

 Pure Wooden Topsheet oak veneer gives the skis natural design

 Ash/Aspen wood core for lightness and flexibility, with extra binding reinforcement

 ABS Sidewalls for durability and shock resistance

 Enforced Snowboard 48 Rockwell Edges + rubber for resistance

 Super Sap Resin high quality and ecological

Skis are build with Super Sap Epoxy Ecological resin from Entropy Resins

Prolonged 3-year Warranty Program against manufacturer defects and workmanship.

Seasonal price 890 € / Pre-Order price 800 €

2017/2018 Highlights / Show on Snow in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

technical specifications

Length (TwinTip)    Length (Alpin)    Length S (TwinTip)    Radius     Tip (mm)      Waist      Tail       Tip rocker     Tail rocker      Tip high     Tail high     Effective edge (adaptive)      Weight

187 cm

18 m







±149 cm


178 cm

17 m







±140 cm


everyday joy

183 cm

174 cm

172 cm