rené leitner • switzerland

‟ Do you also know the feeling when you make deep snow feel who the master is in it? I recognized this feeling on my first Forest Skis, which were PERUN. Hard, strict, stable and vigorous ski which dictates quality enjoyment to you in a proper powder. I had a lot of different skis that I used to say they are great. Well, when I tasted the PERUN, I understood that on the previous skis I got to a certain point from which I could not move further, as if I could not get  myself to a better performance. PERUN? New limit, different dimension. That's why I'm still saying,

"The secret to making progress is just to start. ‟

Favourite Mountain

High Tatras,



PERUN Freeride Short

183cm / TwinTip

Home Resort

Crans Montana,


Freeride Skier  •  Mountain Enduro Biker

A passionate lover of snow and mountains from the High Tatras, currently working and living in Switzerland. He started skiing at the age of 2. Over time, he worked his way to downhill skiing where he reached a nice level, but was still attracted by something else. Before each start he waded the woods in deep snow until he finally understood that his passion is not riding between the gates but riding in open terrain in a proper deep powder where he feels free. He therefore decided to end his downhill skiing career and began freeriding. When he discovered riding in the coulouirs, he did not hesitate and bought avalanche equipment with an avalanche course. He found an experienced crew and learned from the elders. He skied across the High and Low Tatras and his dream was to go to the Canadian or Swiss mountains and taste the local snow conditions and the wonderful huge mountains. He has fulfilled this dream and is currently waiting for a fair amount of snow in the Swiss mountains.