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Wood on the surface of the ski is durable and light, and offers many design possibilities.

Ski tails change the riding characteristics from aggressive and maneuverable to smooth and stable.

You can choose from different types of wood and tail types. We use few layered lacquer treatment for the topsheet layer which makes it even more durable. However, wood is a living material working under external impacts, so we recommend to take care about it to achieve the longer life cycle. At the end of the season it's easy to treat it with a layer of the normal transparent lacquer for wood or in case of deeper gashes, lightly sand the wood with a sandpaper before applying the finish and the scratches would fade and the skis can look almost as new. Store your skis in a cool, dry space when you do not use them. Wipe them down after use to avoid moisture accumulation. Customized topsheet and stiffness, or personalized skis are also available.

We do not supply bindings as a set standard with the skis. However, if you have preferred bindings or you would like us to recommend to you one, we can offer you various types of bindings mainly directly from distributors.

This way you can have it for better price than through the shop.

Skis can be shipped anywhere within European Union. Shipping in EU costs 30 EUR. Shipping of skis with mounted bindings costs 40 Euros. For the shipment outside EU, special conditions are applied due to different costs of shipment and different TAX involved.

The standard price for a pair of fullcarbon skis is 1400 € (ORKAN) and 1350 € (PERUN, FROST) including

the choice of 3 different topsheets and 3/5 tail options. For LOTOR and DRUID skis, the standard price is 1050 € / Fullcarbon 1200 €, for VESNA and SKADI 890 €. However, there's a special offer on pre-orders usually before or in the end of the Season, if you got the code from our Ambassadors or our other Marketing partner. Ski bag is included with purchased fullcarbon skis. All special customization options, such as stiffness adjustments will be reviewed and charged separately.

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terms and conditions

Forest Skis are always made on order, are delivered freshly new and have a standard 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship that applies only to the skis’ original owner. We make our skis as durable as possible, but the warranty obviously does not cover mechanical damage, impacts, breaks, abnormal rock and rail-induced damage, drops to hard surfaces, improper mounting of the bindings, cosmetic defects such as scratches, chips and dents, sun-faded color, edge oxidation or damage caused by normal wear and tear. Skis must not be exposed to prolonged or repeated radiant heat, such as a fireplace or an oven, and must not be overheated during home waxing. Ultralight skis have a rider weight limit of 95 kg with equipment.


If you purchased your skis directly via forestskis.com, we have your order information and also date of purchase

in our database for validating the three-year period claim.

If you purchased your skis from an authorized Forest Skis distributor, we will process your warranty

through that distributor.


If you have a warranty claim, please contact us at +421 904 497 843 or email us here. If deemed valid,

we will request that you ship your skis to us at your cost. Once we receive your skis, and your warranty claim

is confirmed, we will contact you with options which may include: no-cost replacement or a free repair.


If your warranty is approved, your skis will be replaced with the identical model and construction of the original pair

at no cost to you. If your skis are not covered under warranty, we will return the skis to you at your cost

or we can offer you repair also at your cost, if possible. You can find complete General Terms and Condition here.

privacy policy

Electronic form of pre-orders require to provide us with personal data. Your privacy is fully respected and therefore

the orders are sent through the safe ordering system, thanks to which your personal data as well as those of your orders are protected against unjustified preview or abuse. All your personal data will be safely stored (encrypted)

and we do not publish them unless you request it. We store your personal data for the period of pending warranty and minimally 2 years after. We do not collect any other specific personal data on you than the ones provided by you directly by filling the order form. The personal data operator under Art. 4 point 7 of the GDPR Regulation is Silberman, s.r.o.

The Operator has not appointed a Data Protection Officer. Complete privacy information.


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